Who killed king tut essay

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The Death of King Tut

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The young king’s short reign was a time of reconstruction following the devastation of his father’s latter years. The period was marked by a significant increase in artistic and architectural activity throughout Egypt.

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The Death of King Tut

King Tutankhamun was probably the most well known pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. He was the son of Akhenaten. Akhenaten was the heretic king of the eighteenth dynasty.

His mother was most likely Queen Kiya. Queen Kiya was one of the king's secondary wives. King Tutankhamun changed his name from Tutankhamun after the second year of his 4/4(1). King Tutankhamun. King Tutankhamun was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt at 9 years old.

He was buried in the valley of kings, located in Thebes. Tutankhamun and his tomb were studied by various number of historians, such as Howard Carter. He wasn’t important when he was the ruler although thirty-two centuries after his death is when he became most famous.

Who Murdered King Tut - Who Murdered King Tut Tutankhamen. King Tut. The Boy King. Pharaoh. King of Upper and Lower Egypt. Regardless of how you choose to refer to the young man (I prefer King Tut), you will always strike interest in the minds of those you speak with.

Naunton concluded that Tutankhamun was killed in a chariot crash: a chariot smashed into him while he was on his knees, shattering his ribs and pelvis. Naunton also referenced Howard Carter's records of the body having been burnt.

Who killed king tut essay
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Who Killed King Tut Essay