My favorite candy

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My Favorite CANDY!!!

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My Favorite Candy Apple Supplies

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And how are the Oompa-Loompas?. Pick the candy you like best, and find out what it reveals about your personality.

Of course, if you have a favorite candy you’re set on eating, there’s no reason not to enjoy it in moderation — but if you’re looking to make a smarter choice and are open to.

Tim Burton version I'm Lilly Bucket the much older and American adopted sister of Charlie Bucket and I LOVE Wonka candy it's my favorite I really want to see the factory from the inside well anyway I gotta go help mom with dinner bye. Feb 13,  · A poem i wrote for my boyfriend!

comment and enjoy!

10 Favorite Trick or Treat Candies From the 1960s and 1970s

Your love is like candy So sweet and pure Its so addicting At the end of the day I want it to last more and more. Sky Bar | New England’s Classic Chocolate Candy Bar One of America's oldest chocolate bars, Sky Bar is an old-fashioned New England candy favorite filled with caramel, vanilla, peanut, and fudge.

Therefore, in honor of Valentine's Day, it seemed only natural that I create the office guide for what your favorite candy says about you according to me, a self-declared candy expert.

My favorite candy
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